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Care4me - One of the trusted provider of home health care services.

About Care4me


Care4me Health Services is locally owned and operated by a Pharmacist and Registered Nurse in Orlando, FL, with a combined 35 years of health care experience.


We are a Medicaid and CMS approved provider and accept many private insurances. At Care4me, we are dedicated to providing home care services for individuals with developmental disabilities both young and old.


We specialize in caring for individuals with complex disabilities that includes developmental delays, cerebral palsy, or brain injuries as well as other disease states such as diabetes, hypertension, wound care, seizures, therapeutic medication management, and many more. We promote a nurturing environment that enables those we serve to learn, play, and grow while receiving medical care in the comfort of their home. We are true advocates for our recipients, ensuring the best optimal health care and outcomes. 

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